One of the main strengths of SOHATRAM Group is the importance given to health, safety, quality and the environment, as well as the highest local and international standards, which the Groupstrictly complies with.

The Group has a highly qualified team dedicated to the development, implementation and evaluation of its integrated QHSE management system. Ensuring a safe and healthy environment is a priority, regardless of the breadth of the projects undertaken.

Health, safety, quality and environmental concerns are reflected in all our activities, from purchase to maintenance through the improvements in facilities and equipment.

SOHATRAM Group also works with its customers to achieve a high level of quality, respectful of the environment and working practices; the Group assesses its subcontractors and suppliers and encourages them to implement clean HSQE policies and effective management systems.

The Group's integrated management system has been audited and certified on behalf of an recognized external accredited 3rd party in accordance with ISO 9001 V 2015, ISO 14001 V 2015 and OHSAS 18001 V 2007 quality standards.

In the near future, SOHATRAM Group is planning to implement CSR initiatives in order to fulfil its social and environmental responsibility.

Our Certifications

Politics, Hygiene, Quality, Safety and Environment